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Small Time Thrift Adventures

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18 Mar 2009 | 08:50 pm

Over the course of last week, I decided to finally haul my ass over to some thrift stores I've been meaning to visit. The good thing about my work is that the store owner is also very knowledgeable of other thrift places in the area. So off I went!

Columbia Heights

I initially heard of 3 Por Tienda from a commenter on another blog. There were whisperings here and there on the Internet, but the actual location remained a mystery to me. Then finally, Silvia's (Vintage No. 5 owner) son gave me the address: corner of Mt. Pleasant and Irving Street.

Mainly caters to the Latino crowd, but the prices here are CHEAP AS HELL. Cheaper than most thrift stores in this area. As in, $1 sweaters and $5 wool coats. You can read my Yelp review above for a more detailed description.

I walked out with acid wash denim shorts (which I've already worn) and this lovely 100% wool coat with a fur collar. It's pretty big on me, but I don't mind getting it tailored since it was... only $5. After all.

There are a couple of other stores in the area, but I didn't venture further because a hobo was following me. Next!

U Street

It's a shame I don't get to wander this area very much, because it really houses a plethora of different types of shopping, secondhand and new alike.

I first popped into L&N Superthrift, near 14th and T St.

I wish I had interior pictures, because this place was JAMMED. Clothes, furniture, electronics, everything, everyWHERE. It took some time just to wade to the back where the clothes were, even given the small space.

In the end, I didn't have enough patience to comb through the mess. I found this funny jacket, though:

Oh, and I also sort of liked these mens' shoes:

Several days later, I returned to the area because Silvia recommended to me Martha's Outfitters, on the corner of 14th and W.

Martha's Outfitters is actually the shop part of a charity called Martha's Table. The clothes people donate to Martha's Table winds up in Martha's Outfitters, in which the proceeds go back to the charity.

The organization is run and promoted by young people, and it shows: the shop seems to be the thrift pick for people to donate their old designer clothes.

I mean, usually one has to SERIOUSLY dig to find the designer goods in a thrift store (if lucky), but they had the Bill Blass's and YSL's just sitting there. And in the adjacent storage room, I could hear the store managers exclaiming loudly, "Ooh, we have a Nicole Miller here!" "Oscar de la Renta!!" And if you'll look at the tags, the price is pretty alright too.

I picked up this rainbow plaid shirt and bizarre sequin vest in the end, which were $6 and $8, respectively. Not bad at all.

That's all I have to report on the thrift front. Later on I wandered by Busboys and Poets on 14th St, a rather famous political bookstore and coffeehouse.

This installation caught my eye. Women's protest on the war and all that. Is it sad that it caught my eye because of all the clothes inside?

On another protest-related note, there was a demonstration at my school protesting Guantanamo Bay. And there was a higher population of people on the streets today asking for donations and whatnot. I guess when the weather's nice, activists come out to play.

In conclusion, I bought these bras at Urban Outfitters:

Yeah, that's right. Dude, underwear is pretty much the only article of clothing I don't buy secondhand!

Haha, just looking at the goods in this post, this looks like a hipster blog. Rest assured, I will not be wearing my plaid shirt and acid wash shorts with my UO underwear! Or... WILL I?!

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