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Daily Wear -- 10.06

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07 Oct 2009 | 11:25 pm

I just realized that I had dated everything wrong and that I'm a day behind. ...yeah, that's it.

Neutrals + neon againnn I need to change it up. Truth be told, I've just been kinda lazy.

Oh! I am, however, wearing the "Weardrobe Dress", a gift kindly bestowed from the folks at Modcloth to us Weardrobe bloggers! Speaking of which, I never really did get around to blogging that in depth... urp.

Unfortunately, the fit was a bit off so I sort of hid the dress instead of showcasing it. Ah well.

Secondhand Ralph Lauren blazer, secondhand shaggy vest, Weardrobe dress, Millard Fillmore skirt, We Love Colors tights, Steve Madden loafers

PS: Irving Penn, RIP.

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