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Daily Wear -- 11.12

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12 Nov 2008 | 07:24 pm

What a day! Shopping-wise, at least. My classes were canceled today, so I took the opportunity to do some far-and-away trekking! More on that later.

I had to wrassel up an outfit that fit the requirements of shopping at the nature of the store I visited. What to do when there's no fitting rooms? And it's cold outside so you need to layer? Behold, an "ideal" combination:

Zara leather jacket, Club Room cashmere sweater, BDG t-shirt underneath, DIY skirt, Silence + Noise romper underneath everything, H&M scarf, UO tights, Xhiliration flats

This isn't obscene, right? Right. Here's my rationale: You have the jacket and scarf for warmth. Sweater for additional warmth/easy to pull over/good to test if coat arms are too tight. T-shirt + skirt, good for overall trying on of jackets/sweaters. If you want to try on pants, take off the skirt and you still have romper shorts underneath. And if you want to try on a dress, strip away everything except the romper, without violating public indecency laws! It's foolproof, AND it doesn't look like you dressed all sloppy for shopping purposes. You usually see a couple of people in these stores in nothing but a bra and granny panties... I'd rather look slightly less embarrassing, thanks. Oh yeah, and flats for easy shoe trying-on.

Well, if you have tight pants, then I don't know what to tell you. THRIFT stores, at least ones that don't have fitting rooms, tend to not have too tight pants all over the place anyways.

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