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"It's all... puffy."

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23 Nov 2008 | 10:37 pm

Props to whoever gets the reference! (except my sister)

Well, it's that time of the year. Temperatures are lingering below freezing every day, and the prospect of acquiring more winter coats gets more and more alarming. This year, I'm really looking towards coats that are actually warm -- I mean, slim wool coats are nice and all, but they don't withstand the blast of freezing wind the same way a puffer coat would.

Yes, puffer coats seem to have gotten an injection of style in them in recent years -- it's just difficult to find one that doesn't completely overpower the individual in terms of volume. Some picks:

Ermanno Scervino. The second jacket's missing now from Yoox. I guess now's prime time for coat buying.

Moncler, the puffer coat designer, apparently. || Moon Boot. Also from Yoox.

This Maxmara coat on the left is going soon gone (sad)! Ruffles and puff seem to go together very melodiously || For a more colorful option, this coat's from seller Lulu's Fashion Boutique. Both on eBay.

Super shiny? Or SUPER long?

Elizabeth and James from Bergdorfs || Pucci from Saks. There is also something greatly appealing about grossly-colorful puffers, too.

From the Kana, a Japan-based brand. This one seems to be only affordable option among the others in this post. Love the asymmetry. For all sexes!

Unfortunately, it seems that -truly- unique-looking down coats are hard to find, especially for an affordable amount. The search continues!

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