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I Tumble

You may have been wondering why my posting has been so spotty within the past few.... well, for a long time. Well, because, this is it. "the fashion void that is dc" is no more.

Instead, "MOOHOOP" is now open and up, on tumblr. It's been a swell 3 years on Livejournal, but over the past half-year or so, the need to jump ship has gotten more and more pressing. Why? Why, follow me over to tumblr and you'll find out.

This isn't so much starting over as continuing what I've always done, just in a slightly more technologically-exciting format. I remain in DC for the time being -- there's a bunch of things that need updating (like that secondhand list, geez).

As you can tell from the time I'm writing this, I did a great job planning this whole thing out. But the move is for good.

I won't close this LJ down, but obviously, I will not longer be updating. I'll occasionally post a reminder to move over to catch a few casualties of this web-traffic suicide.

So, to all my LJ friends, I'm sorry for removing myself from your friends' pages. To everyone else, well, 'sup.

To lead you over, here's a picture of me, recently bleached white:

Hooray. See you on the flip side.
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Some Thangs Goin On

Saturday, May 22:

Apparently there is a yard sale of sorts going on around Mt. Pleasant, which means that Vintage No.5 will be opening up, 11am-3pm, on the corner of Columbia Rd and Ontario Rd, NW (2704 ½, to be precise). Sorry for the confusion a couple of weeks ago, but I spoke to the owner and she confirmed this. I checked out the store a few days ago -- the space is big, and the goods are plentiful! Especially handbags and jewelry. =) I will be there! WILL YOU?

Sunday, May 23:

The DC Record Fair will be going on at the Black Cat! Around the corner of 14th & S, noon-6pm. Granted, I won't be there for the vinyl itself per se, but I will be waffling through the (potentially amazing?!) album cover designs.

Finally, KIC Thrift Boutique is holding a yard sale from 10am-2pm, 10805 Connecticut Ave, Kensington, MD 20895. Never have but have been meaning to go to KIC Thrift for ages now. I think it's about time to do so.

This has been your DC weekend planner. If anyone's attending to anything, feel free to holla back!

Disclaimer: I was not asked to promote any of these events; just spreadin' the love, ya'll!

Incredible, Inspirational

Apologies for the zillionth time for not keeping up to date on things. I've still been part ruminating, part acting on my "CHANGES"(tm). Also having camera trouble, but that's besides the point. Yes, I am aware my photography thus far has been wildly inconsistent, I'm thinking my cam issues are a sign of a final conversion to SLR

On a different note, I would like to share this Youtube video, snagged from my still-fave old-school menswear blog The Sunday Best. I'm normally inexplicably averse to watching embedded YouTube videos on blogs. Might be an impatience thing. But I liked Janelle Monae's music and had a fondness for her dandy personal style.

I was totally BLOWN AWAY by this performance:

Damn. I wasn't aware of it before, but to me, she's really someone who meshes her music, her movements and her style together perfectly. When any of these are missing, it's just not complete. It's wonderful. I wish I could integrate all aspects of my life so fluidly; as it is now, I feel like I'm in fragments. She just really struck a chord with me.

And damn, am I jealous of her boogie.

Filler Pt II

Man, I am getting deja vu, as I realized I went to Boston around the same exact time last year, with (nearly) the same exact agenda.

Anyways, another filler post, with the two pictures that are on my camera from Princeton and New York. What can I say, I wasn't in a photographic mood.

Daily Wear -- 5.06:

Princeton Junction station, at night, before it got inexplicably, freakishly cold. I wore the top half to a job interview.

The skirt and the shoes come from my rediscovery of the gloriousness that is DC-area thrift stores: $3 skirt, $1 white leather plimsolls. The latter is currently undergoing an... elevation transformation. More later.

Secondhand everything except Topshop black corset and AA cardigan

On a tangential subject, I spent some time browsing thrift stores around Manhattan. City Opera in Gramercy is a well-curated piece of work:

Some classics in the window. Actually, I found it both odd and relieving that Goodwill was right next door. Got me some fixed-price goods, oh yeah.

And on a final, unrelated note: I've been more and more realizing the pressing (perhaps personal) need to liven things up on this here blog. This includes... CHANGES. This encompasses redesign and *gasp* m-m-moving(?!?), so. this summer. Changes. They will occur.
sigh pt 4

Daily Wear : Filling in the Blanks

Hello! I am currently visiting friends along the East Coast. I'll have more to report when I reach NYC and Boston, but until then, as filler, here are the outfit pictures, post-Florence:

At the airport in Munich, just coming out of Florence. All grey, plus the oh-so-popular fake Clarks desert boots. Seriously, they were so popular in Florence.

Gap batwing hoodie, American Apparel cardigan tied around waist, H&M leggings, desert boots from Florence

The day I got back to DC, my dad dragged me to a shooting range. Hence the context for this photo:

With actual guns and stuff. I was a pretty good shot for the first time, I must say.

Secondhand jacket, Tripp NYC pants, VanEli sandals
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Daily Wear -- 5.03

Getting ahead of myself, part zillion: in an impatient mood, so I decided what to wear for the next day.

By the way, it is HOT HOT these days. Had to get the hipster summer look outta me.

My full-proof plan to convert the cardigan. Left to right, in order of hot-ness.

I may look glistening and tanned, but it's just hot and I'm sweatin' like a sinner in church.

(My hobby: ruining perfectly okay photos with context).

UO romper, F21 skirt, Lynn Ritchie cardigan, gifted headband

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Daily Wear -- May Days

Wellllp, sorry if anyone went to visit and was greeted with... not much. When I paid a visit myself the owner did not seem to be in. I'll have to check up on this matter and follow up later.

IN THE MEANTIME, I'm going to get ahead of myself (and Florence......) for the zillionth time and jump to these past two days. I attended my first wedding as a... vaguely grown person. Outfit post commences:

Hot spring afternoon.

A bit about the look: I thought it was a good opportunity to go retro. The dress was actually an musty, old, OLD DRESS from my first ever DIY. I had performed surgery on it to convert the bottom part to a skirt, then left the top part to collect dust in the corner.

So yeees, after two years, I finally learned how to take in a dress. And cut the neck into a plunging V, while we're at it.

The wedding was for my dad's coworker, and he volunteered me to be the wedding photographer. As you can see.

Retro eye makeup was fun.

Me and my mummy!

Zara jacket, secondhand hat, secondhand/DIY'd dress, Topshop corset underneath, Rodarte for Target belt, Seychelles heels

And that was that.

Going back in time, so the day before the wedding (Friday) was the photo shoot of the bride and groom (pics of them on Facebook, not for Le Public Domain).

Kinda cutesy-retro in its own way. I wore this later to a job interview.

Secondhand floral pullover, F21 dress, H&M tights, Seychelles ankle boots
sigh pt 4

Always late on these things

I'm back! But that's besides the point.

I'm taking time away to say that there is a vintage store re-opening in Adams Morgan tomorrow today! Yep, Vintage No.5 is re-opening Saturday, May 1 (today) at 2704 Ontario Road in DC! (closest Metro Woodley Park or Columbia Heights)

Those that have been reading for a long ass time might remember that I used to work at the store while it was in Georgetown. Those were some of my best days... 'course after a while the economy caught up and it was a dream dashed. So I'm very happy to hear that it's getting back up on its feet.

I know, I'm always way late in announcing these things, but! I shall be there! WILL YOU?

going home

I'm going back to DC tomorrow! I realize this blog has suffered a lot of neglect from my time here, but it's been too amazing. I feel as if I'll have to start a new life.

Lots to post about. See you at home.