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Daily Wear -- 4.13

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13 Apr 2009 | 03:46 pm

Funny story: I left my camera back at home, I think, so I used another camera to take pictures. And after 2 blurry pictures, THAT camera died, so I'm stuck with the results. Well, not that there's much detail to be captured anyways:

I've never been entirely fond of the "all black plus accent" thing, buuut, I was in a rush and wanted to dress simply. *sigh* Maybe I'm getting old. Relatively speaking.

Well, it does feel good to be "sleek" sometimes, if I guess this is what it could be called. The hair kind of lends itself to that. It's too bad the camera died before I could take off my jacket.

H&M jacket, AA Sexuali-tank, DIY harness, Nordstrom Rack scarf, Target leggings, secondhand Nine West ankle boots

Hmm. I dunno what to do for the next few days without my camera. Can't do my DIY post now. :( Maybe I'll just spam with covet posts and call it a week.

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