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Daily Wear -- 5.20 + robust Boston posting (pt. 1)

Hullo from Wellesley College! I am here because my sister goes to school at Wellesley, and I am using "visiting her" as a pretense for... spending copious amounts of money on clothes. Which I am in the process of doing, rest assured.

Outfit posts are going to be boring, since being forced to pack light limits options considerably. Nonetheless, here is what I wore today.

Gap blazer, F21 tank top, Cheap Monday pants, Steve Madden loafers

By the end of the day, every time I took a step, it felt like tiny knives stabbing into my flesh. Probably a bad idea to wear non-broken-in shoes for multi-mile trekking.

I figure it's less overwhelming to post about a couple places each day than to make one huge post about Boston in the end. I hoofed to a substantial number of shops today between Porter and Central Square (all on foot..), but for now I shall only talk about the first TWO of them!

First: oldie but goodie Goodwill. I found it whilst staring absent-mindedly out of a bus window, not knowing that we were driving past Central.

Standard thrift fare. Found a Henri Bendel jacket that was too big. Got a nude and sheer panel shirt.

Anyone know about Johnny Cupcakes? People fork out, what, 30 dollars for their t-shirts at their store? Here we have one for $4.

Anyways, onto the more exciting part. I hit up Great Eastern Trading Company on River St.

Quite a gem! Reminded me of a more spacious Glad Rags in Takoma Park when it was still open. Speaking of which, there really needs to be more costumey vintage shops in DC. There are... none. Nearly.

Sequins and crinoline aplenty.

Sequined track jackets: around way longer than whatever Jeremy Scott did for Adidas.

Funnily, their men's section appeared to be comprised of chiefly cowboy hats and Hawaiian shirts.

I'll probably be wearing the stuff I've acquired over the course of the rest of the week. Stay tuned for the next episode...!
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