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The Boston Haul

Whew... you know it's bad when you need to make a whole separate post just for clothing purchases. There are a few matters I wish to attend to about Boston, but I'm going to work backwards. I hereby present this lame post with just pictures of the The Haul. These are all from secondhand shops, save the last few images.

Sheer/nude shirt from Goodwill, boy's marching band tailcoat from Cafe Society.

Rainbow crochet dress. And outrageous purple sequin pants! Finally. After all if I'm gonna have sequined pants, I better go all the way. Should taper the pant legs into carrot-shape though. Both from Great Eastern Trading Company.

Straw bag - 40 South Street; leopard print boxer-esque shorts (yes I like to rock these) - Oona's.

I could not resist this adorable-yet-also-kind-of-odd silver lamé bear. Obviously because no household is complete without one. Though I've never actually looked at the toy section of thrift stores, I noticed a girl carrying it around, decided I must yank it from her somehow, saw her put it back and then ganked it myself. At Urban Renewals.

*And* ~~ on the way back, my family and I paid a visit to the NYC Topshop. It was quite overwhelming. After much hemming and hawing, this is what I ended up with:

I think most of "da blogosphere" knows about this Rodarte-esque pullover. I have jumped on this bandwagon. Also, this HUGE-ASS necklace. No exaggeration here. It consumes my neck and a majority of my torso.

Of all the amazing(ly expensive) footwear on display, this pair was slightly less crazy and slightly less expensive. Choices, man.

You have now seen a photo montage of the reasons for my current, absolute-broke state. Good night.
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