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Daily Wear -- 10.20

Yessiree, post #500! To commemorate this achievement, I am... posting this outfit earlier than usual. Damn straight I am.

Did some closet digging and decided that I have not worn this jacket and these DIY'd leggings in a while. The reason for the leggings is because, while they are attention-getting, they feel like tiny pebbles slowly sanding off your already peeling skin. So, you know, uncomfortable. Also, all the terrible sewing errors I made back then are revealing themselves more and more with rippage.

In the meantime I threw some animal prints in there.

Secondhand jacket, shaggy vest and blouse, H&M dress tied as skirt, hand knit scarf, DIY leggings, secondhand Paloma ankle boots

So in my design classes, the professors occasionally make fashion references (which is to be expected)... today, one of my profs was talking about integrating logo design with web site design or something. She said something along the lines of, "They don't have to match per se, but they do have to 'go' together, like you can wear a brown shirt and.... not necessarily brown shoes. But they still go together." ...I felt that if she could transport thoughts into my mind, she'd be saying, "you do that with what you're wearing, so why not with your friggin' design..."

They're different I tell you!!
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