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Your Periodic Etsy Covet Roundup

So I was just having a conversation about gift giving, which tangentially reminded me that it's been a while since I've expressed my insatiable lust for material goods. Even though I don't believe in the holiday season starting until Black Friday. However, I am also avoiding work.

As usual, Etsy is a swirling instigator of said lust. Mostly for some of the in-sane vintage shoe selections some sellers have out right now. Check out these animal-print beauties:

All from James Rowland Shop. Rather pricey, but. Incredible. The whole shop is extremely covetable; these are the kinds of sellers that make me wonder where they pick their goods up in the first place.

Left: Zebra fur print, pointed toe, winkle picker style from Time Echo Vintage. Pretty much everything I could ever want from a shoe. I'd possibly be getting out my credit card now if they were in my size. Damn every shoe-that-is-not-my-size. *shakes fist*

Right: Not always a fan of slip-ons, but these lacy doily ones from seller GoodEye are bizarrely appealing. I don't know, maybe because they remind me of these embellished Keds I saw a while ago in a Baltmore vintage store. There's something endearing about hand-made doilies and beading on shoes.

But let's move away from shoes for now. I think most of the blogosphere knows of Yokoo, though I've never brought up her knitting majesty.

Her hats and scarves remind me that it will, one day indeed, get cold around here, even though right now it's friggin' 70 degrees in November. Mmm, Sweetheart Chain... chain link knit scarves are still all the rage, at least in my mind.

And finally, I ganked this from Kingdom of Style -- as a graphic design major, I am emotionally obligated to be attracted to this helvetica necklace:

Oh, the design world's most blessed and cursed typeface. I don't know how I feel about the letters being so kerned together, however.
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