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Daily Wear -- 12.31

Wow. Just look at all the neglect going on around here. Apologies for the dry spell of posts -- my only excuse is that I've been spending the vast majority of my time Bumming Around (tm).

Nonetheless, Happy New Year! A friend hosted a get-together for New Year's Eve, which finally got my lazy ass off into some actual, presentable clothes. And by presentable, I mean:

..Like a bit of a hoochie, clown-type character.

Also, as you may notice, I decided to take a leap and go blond. Chiefly for the "why the hell not" reason. And I figured, I'm going abroad to Italy in a few days anyways, might as well make an image change while we're at it. The bleach job was a bit botched -- I meant for my whole head to be platinum, but trials and tribulations later it turned out more blond/orange-ish stripes.

Some things I already noticed about the light-haired: Wearing black (esp. hair accessories) suddenly got a lot more interesting, one can get away with not washing hair and having it look presentable and not shiny and gross, and looking into bangs and seeing blond instead of black hair is really discombobulating. At this point I'm just waiting to start, you know, having more fun. As blondes do.

Moving on, the outfit is comprised mostly of stuff I've acquired the past few days or so. The fur jacket and Yokoo's Sweetheart Chain are both Christmas presents. The hat and tan Doc Martens I got at a consignment shop.

Secondhand fur jacket, hat, corset and Docs, Yokoo chain scarf, H&M black lace top and leopard print dress, cK tights

Well well well. I should write some closing remarks for the new year. There's a good chance I won't be posting again until I'm abroad in Florence, but I shall be doing so once I'm there!

In retrospect, while 2009 seemed to fly by so quickly, it was a big year for me, full of... how do you say... Changes (tm). Personally, I think I've started to come into my own quite a bit -- I've become a lot more aware of my character, strengths and weaknesses. I experimented a lot more with hair and make-up, and the huge impact they make in tandem with the clothes I wore. And, of course, this blog has gotten good success, much more so than I ever anticipated.

In conclusion: Thanks for everyone's support! And let year 2010 be a good one!
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