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Non Italian Things

Again, thanks for everyone's comments two posts back! Aside from the bargaining misfortune, there's really been no trouble at all. In fact, my housemates are more racist than strangers on the street. Kidding, kidding!

Anyways, I realized there's a bit of catching up to do on the non-Italian front, so I shall hop to it.

1) I'm in the Weardrobe 100! A "compilation of our favorite 100 personal style shots from all over the web." Yaaaay.

2) Anyone who follows Black Milk Clothing's blog will know that he recently released a printed leggings collection! I'm particularly fond of the "Anatomist" and the "Geishas":

I like that the printed images are laid out so that they look abstracted and more "painted on".

3) ....I forgot. Oh, it's quite annoying that January/February seems to be prime new-swimsuit-release season (resort, yeah yeah yadda yadda) because then I get the urge to go to the beach, but realize I can't until summer, until which the new suits will have lost their appeal, and I will have lost the emotional will to go to the beach. Vicious cycle.

Oh well. What shall I do tomorrow?
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