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Vestiti d'Oggi -- Milano

Stuff I wore in Milan post, aka, different ways to look like a clown.

At least I certainly felt that way amongst the sea of black at 10 Corso Como. I'm not sure if I got stared at a lot for that, or for not looking "rich" enough, or both.

Moe Japanese girl expression, I admit.

Zara leather jacket, Camdenlock sweater, H&M sequin shorts, Retrock leggings, secondhand scarf, Marc Jacobs bag, H&M shoes

Next day:

I was surprised I got stared at so much in Milan, even much more so than in Florence. Maybe because there are higher expectations in the way one dresses, so sidestepping the expectations is surprising. Anyways, I got this black and pink shoulder-padded jacket at a vintage store in Florence. Definitely the most unique and affordable piece of clothing I've found so far.

Wearing the socks I got from Gallo, too. Tights I got a while ago at the Emilio Cavallini store in Florence. They've served me well at night, but this is the first time I've worn them during the day. I know what you're thinking! Don't judge!11

And, sigh, the shoes ruin everything. Packing light: both a blessing and a curse.

Secondhand jacket, Gap batwing hoodie, H&M leopard print dress, Emilio Cavallini holey tights, Gallo socks, Chucks

Last day in Milan, and looking a bit worse for wear:

Turns out I had been using the wrong type of solution for my contact lenses, so I was having some serious eye irritation issues.

Also, I got a haircut and decided to wear all black. Tied my leather jacket cross-shoulder across my torso.

....In conclusion, I think I look like that itty bitty fashion boy.

And that's the way, uh huh uh huh, I like it.

Zara leather jacket, Nine West black drapey cardigan, H&M striped shirt, secondhand shorts, We Love Colors tights, Chucks

All in all, I thought the frog bag was gonna get on my nerves, but I think it gave me luck. I had a pleasant and safe journey!
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