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Just a few pictures. In context of the entire trip, Seville was very relaxed and pleasant, despite excessive rain and my dry, boogery eyes. It was a nice break from shopping in retrospect, that's for sure.

The thing about Spain: Starbucks again?!!? There are no Starbucks in Italy. Probably came as more of a surprise than it ought to have been.

But enough about Americanization, seafood paella=magically delicious. Definitely ate the healthiest and best in Spain.

Nice colors:

Streets are lined with orange groves.

Story of this skull: A woman named Susana had a lover that happened to be enemies with her people. Betrayed people for lover, had regrets, became a nun. She requested that she be decapitated after she died and have her severed head hanging out a window. They eventually replaced her head with this little skull picture. Warm and fuzzy story, amirite?

Relatedly, being more of a town, Seville was just crawling with religious imagery. One night we were roaming the streets, and in one window suddenly appeared a creepy back-lit, life-sized crying Jesus. Did not have camera with me, but I'd never been so genuinely startled by a statue.

Tangentially, check out this necessary alligator hanging on the ceiling of a cathedral:

And check out this dog that's hanging out of a tiny, tiny balcony!

Boring final picture: a kind of cool-looking water bottle.

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