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Vestiti d'Oggi -- Family Week

Outfit posts for when my family visited me last week! Not that that necessarily changed what I wore (besides borrowing their clothes to avoid walks of shame from their hotel), but, finally had someone taking pictures of me. .........Yes, I admit, I've gotten too lazy to take outfit posts lately.

Last Thursday:

Early morning (read: 10am) walkabout. I've also been too bothered lately to roll on tights or leggings, so I've been wearing pants a lot more.

Secondhand top portion, Tripp NYC jeans, Zara huge grey scarf


Was trying to turn around dramatically here.

Walking with my mummy near the Ponte Vecchio.

Zara leather jacket, secondhand track jacket and shorts, Black Milk leggings, bag from Morocco

Tuesday: I went to a park that was a former mental hospital/now a graffiti-filled area great for photography. I went there with my family to fulfill my school assignment.

~Behind the scenes~ actually, my sister was like, "ooh, wild Brooke appears!" know, the Pokemon reference..?

And, speaking of which, my sister.

Quite fond of these camo pants from Zara.

Finally, me + self portrait I just began:


Normal Kamali for Walmart blazer, secondhand top, Zara pants, secondhand ankle boots, backpack from Morocco

Oh yeah, and it's finally SPRING!! Okay I'm done now.
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