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Daily Wear -- May Days

Wellllp, sorry if anyone went to visit and was greeted with... not much. When I paid a visit myself the owner did not seem to be in. I'll have to check up on this matter and follow up later.

IN THE MEANTIME, I'm going to get ahead of myself (and Florence......) for the zillionth time and jump to these past two days. I attended my first wedding as a... vaguely grown person. Outfit post commences:

Hot spring afternoon.

A bit about the look: I thought it was a good opportunity to go retro. The dress was actually an musty, old, OLD DRESS from my first ever DIY. I had performed surgery on it to convert the bottom part to a skirt, then left the top part to collect dust in the corner.

So yeees, after two years, I finally learned how to take in a dress. And cut the neck into a plunging V, while we're at it.

The wedding was for my dad's coworker, and he volunteered me to be the wedding photographer. As you can see.

Retro eye makeup was fun.

Me and my mummy!

Zara jacket, secondhand hat, secondhand/DIY'd dress, Topshop corset underneath, Rodarte for Target belt, Seychelles heels

And that was that.

Going back in time, so the day before the wedding (Friday) was the photo shoot of the bride and groom (pics of them on Facebook, not for Le Public Domain).

Kinda cutesy-retro in its own way. I wore this later to a job interview.

Secondhand floral pullover, F21 dress, H&M tights, Seychelles ankle boots
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