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Daily Wear : Filling in the Blanks

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07 May 2010 | 06:10 pm

Hello! I am currently visiting friends along the East Coast. I'll have more to report when I reach NYC and Boston, but until then, as filler, here are the outfit pictures, post-Florence:

At the airport in Munich, just coming out of Florence. All grey, plus the oh-so-popular fake Clarks desert boots. Seriously, they were so popular in Florence.

Gap batwing hoodie, American Apparel cardigan tied around waist, H&M leggings, desert boots from Florence

The day I got back to DC, my dad dragged me to a shooting range. Hence the context for this photo:

With actual guns and stuff. I was a pretty good shot for the first time, I must say.

Secondhand jacket, Tripp NYC pants, VanEli sandals

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