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Incredible, Inspirational

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21 May 2010 | 03:01 am

Apologies for the zillionth time for not keeping up to date on things. I've still been part ruminating, part acting on my "CHANGES"(tm). Also having camera trouble, but that's besides the point. Yes, I am aware my photography thus far has been wildly inconsistent, I'm thinking my cam issues are a sign of a final conversion to SLR

On a different note, I would like to share this Youtube video, snagged from my still-fave old-school menswear blog The Sunday Best. I'm normally inexplicably averse to watching embedded YouTube videos on blogs. Might be an impatience thing. But I liked Janelle Monae's music and had a fondness for her dandy personal style.

I was totally BLOWN AWAY by this performance:

Damn. I wasn't aware of it before, but to me, she's really someone who meshes her music, her movements and her style together perfectly. When any of these are missing, it's just not complete. It's wonderful. I wish I could integrate all aspects of my life so fluidly; as it is now, I feel like I'm in fragments. She just really struck a chord with me.

And damn, am I jealous of her boogie.

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