brooke (moohoop) wrote,

I Tumble

You may have been wondering why my posting has been so spotty within the past few.... well, for a long time. Well, because, this is it. "the fashion void that is dc" is no more.

Instead, "MOOHOOP" is now open and up, on tumblr. It's been a swell 3 years on Livejournal, but over the past half-year or so, the need to jump ship has gotten more and more pressing. Why? Why, follow me over to tumblr and you'll find out.

This isn't so much starting over as continuing what I've always done, just in a slightly more technologically-exciting format. I remain in DC for the time being -- there's a bunch of things that need updating (like that secondhand list, geez).

As you can tell from the time I'm writing this, I did a great job planning this whole thing out. But the move is for good.

I won't close this LJ down, but obviously, I will not longer be updating. I'll occasionally post a reminder to move over to catch a few casualties of this web-traffic suicide.

So, to all my LJ friends, I'm sorry for removing myself from your friends' pages. To everyone else, well, 'sup.

To lead you over, here's a picture of me, recently bleached white:

Hooray. See you on the flip side.


    In case you missed it the first time. I have moved. See title of post.

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