May 12th, 2010


Filler Pt II

Man, I am getting deja vu, as I realized I went to Boston around the same exact time last year, with (nearly) the same exact agenda.

Anyways, another filler post, with the two pictures that are on my camera from Princeton and New York. What can I say, I wasn't in a photographic mood.

Daily Wear -- 5.06:

Princeton Junction station, at night, before it got inexplicably, freakishly cold. I wore the top half to a job interview.

The skirt and the shoes come from my rediscovery of the gloriousness that is DC-area thrift stores: $3 skirt, $1 white leather plimsolls. The latter is currently undergoing an... elevation transformation. More later.

Secondhand everything except Topshop black corset and AA cardigan

On a tangential subject, I spent some time browsing thrift stores around Manhattan. City Opera in Gramercy is a well-curated piece of work:

Some classics in the window. Actually, I found it both odd and relieving that Goodwill was right next door. Got me some fixed-price goods, oh yeah.

And on a final, unrelated note: I've been more and more realizing the pressing (perhaps personal) need to liven things up on this here blog. This includes... CHANGES. This encompasses redesign and *gasp* m-m-moving(?!?), so. this summer. Changes. They will occur.