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DIY? Y not?

Actually, well, to me, anything that involves not wearing an article of clothing exactly the way it is is considered a DIY.

Basically, over a year ago, I found a terrible long 60s style shift with a polka-dot pattern on the hem whilst cleaning out the costumes closet right after my school's drama production. Essentially, they let me keep it because it looked atrocious. I always thought the pattern was really cute, and would look great as a mini skirt.

SO, I have finally gone and done it. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of the process, but this is what it looks like now:

See? I mean, the pattern is pretty cute, what with the large, robin's egg blue polka-dots and trim. Kind of looks like something an anime character would wear.

All I did was cut off the bottom part of the dress, hem the top and insert a piece of elastic to make sure it'd stay on my waist. It is, however, imperfect; I stupidly made the back longer than the front (I'm not even sure how I did that?), and the piece of elastic was too long, so it just hangs somewhere slightly below the waist when I wanted it to SIT THERE FIRMLY. Oh, and also it's a bit too long. Good thing the fabric was free -- you can always learn from your mistakes.

Here's what the top part of the dress looks like (left). Well, it's not THAT bad, it's just really wide. If I took in the sides and hemmed the bottom, it could make an okay minidress. ...Not that I know how to do that, necessarily. OR, I could just wear the skirt over top, like the right. I dunno. A little too costumey space-age.

Theoretical outfit...? I hate to say this, but this may be a little too cutesy. I'll see what else I can do!

I'm going to the fabric store later today to hopefully make another skirt from scratch, as per Queen Michelle's tutorial on Kingdom of Style. That tutorial actually gave me the idea of doing the whole waistband-thing.
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