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Daily Wear -- 3.04

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04 Mar 2009 | 09:42 pm

Went on a thrift hunt on U Street and Columbia Heights today! I decided I'm going to make a more concerted effort find THRIFT stores around the area -- ones that I find on a rumor and go on a whim. Oh yes, how terribly romanticized.

And this is what I wore to go thrifting. I felt a little more embarrassed than usual setting up a timed camera in the middle of Columbia Heights, but the colors of the background made the picture more vivid. Even though my stance is a bit awkward. Oh well.

Check out that big yellow boulder next to me. It is actually my shopping bag. Filled with loot. Hahaha.

On that note, I don't know why I keep happening to wear colorful clothes on the days I go to said Columbia/U St. I'm just asking for the catcalls, aren't I. Argh.

I got these sunglasses long ago, but I never really wore them. Adds da '60s vibe.

H&M coat, scarf and pink purse, Gap blazer and vest, secondhand nude crochet dress, Mary Quant blue jumpsuit, sunglasses from Annie Creamcheese, secondhand Paloma ankle boots

So, a little more on thought process (I have one of those!?): I wanted to soften up the loud blue jumpsuit, and the first thing that popped into my mind was, obviously, frothy whites. But since I am a bit lacking in that department, I went for the neutrals. Taupe and deep blue also go together really well, which is unsurprising given the kind-of-cliche tan/teal combo.

Oh, and one more thing. So I went to my studio art class today, and when one of my classmates saw what I was wearing, she was like, "I'm wearing the same thing under my pants!" Behold:

Ahahah. I had to snap it, of course. Maybe one day we'll both come in with the blue legs showing. Hell yeah.

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