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black & gold

A few things I'm looking forward to at home:

Stripes and latex

Shine and kitsch

Clockwise from top left: latex-ruffle contraption, amazing, amazingly small platform pumps, wallpaper skirt, tiger [more] stripes

Continuous fascination with bodysuits, animals on/as bags, vanity glasses I still can't bring myself to adopt

Last and certainly not least:

Sheerness and holes

All part of Black Milk's new collection.

I think anything in dollar signs is cheap to me now.
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Vestiti d'Oggi -- 4.12

I bought the striped pants from the last post to cut them into shorts:

Striped shorts for summer!

Haven't started counting down the days yet.

Norma Kamali for Walmart blazer, secondhand fur stole, shorts and blouse, H&M leggings, UO shoes

Vestiti d'Oggi -- 4.09

There's only two weeks left before I leave.

Gap blazer, h&m shirt, secondhand pants, Jeffrey Campbell sandals

I've really taken to wearing stripes a lot in Florence.

Face cropped out because I got punched in the face by a mosquito.
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Vestiti d'Oggi -- 3.31

Sooo disappointed today. I had a presentation in Contemporary art history on punk rock and decided to dress sort of punk-ish.

This is my disappointed face BECAUSE, I didn't end up going. Computer problems. I even put on purple lipstick and everything.

By the way, listening to punk rock in an academic context = so dorky. Unfortunately, that's really the only context where I listen to punk continuously.

Got these kewlio striped pants at the Cascine park flea market yesterday. Camera died that day. Need to go back. The black and white bag my mummy bought for me at the central market.

Haven't worn this sweater or the suspenders in a long time. THOUGH, it doesn't look it on this here blog 'cuz I haven't done outfit posts in so long. Oh bah.

Camdenlock sweater, flea market pants and bag, gifted scarf, secondhand suspenders and Docs

Finally, random: I shamelessly go to H&M a couple times a week. Saw the Garden Collection drop about a week ago.

Red rose-petal-esque jacket kind of cool. As well as these tweed shorts. I've also succumbed to taking a liking to lace bike shorts under high waisted shorts. Boy oh boy.
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Vestiti d'Oggi -- Family Week

Outfit posts for when my family visited me last week! Not that that necessarily changed what I wore (besides borrowing their clothes to avoid walks of shame from their hotel), but, finally had someone taking pictures of me. .........Yes, I admit, I've gotten too lazy to take outfit posts lately.

Last Thursday:

Early morning (read: 10am) walkabout. I've also been too bothered lately to roll on tights or leggings, so I've been wearing pants a lot more.

Secondhand top portion, Tripp NYC jeans, Zara huge grey scarf


Was trying to turn around dramatically here.

Walking with my mummy near the Ponte Vecchio.

Zara leather jacket, secondhand track jacket and shorts, Black Milk leggings, bag from Morocco

Tuesday: I went to a park that was a former mental hospital/now a graffiti-filled area great for photography. I went there with my family to fulfill my school assignment.

~Behind the scenes~ actually, my sister was like, "ooh, wild Brooke appears!" know, the Pokemon reference..?

And, speaking of which, my sister.

Quite fond of these camo pants from Zara.

Finally, me + self portrait I just began:


Normal Kamali for Walmart blazer, secondhand top, Zara pants, secondhand ankle boots, backpack from Morocco

Oh yeah, and it's finally SPRING!! Okay I'm done now.

L'habit Quotidien -- Marrakech

Title probably completely inaccurate, BUT... outfit posts for Marrakesh.

The dress code in Morocco is quite conservative. Basically, if you're a woman and have any skin exposed, you're asking to be harassed. Not that that was a huge problem for me, since I'm usually in layers anyways, but it would've been nice to wear shorts sometimes in the hot weather.

I guess my feet were exposed or something. But no, it wasn't what I was wearing, it was my hair that caught the most attention by far.

Covering it up a little bit didn't help at all, though the obnoxious patterns probably helped the harassment here as well. Couldn't help it, really wanted to wear the bright orange harem pants and studded bag I had just bought at the markets.

Taken on the roof of our bourgeois hotel.

All of us got sandals at the market. Here are the girls.

Aaaand, finally, the buys:

Leather goods abounds. The markets are really one of the best places to get cheap deals on leather goods; they seem high enough quality and are soft. I think you can easily bargain your way to a small/medium sized bag for 20-30€. The only downside is that the leather sort of smells like camel shit, but eh, nothing a good cleaning can't take care of.

It took me three tries to grow accustomed to haggling the market. Basically, the sandals and harem pants were bargaining failures, the studded bag was progress, and the backpack was the mastering. I tried too hard to be either argumentative or charming in the beginning. The best strategy is to restrain your vocabulary to "no" and "[price]" and walk away.

I also got this necklace, but I'm not sure what to do with it yet. Gift?

This (FINALLY) concludes the spring break posts! It really is a shame that there are only four weeks now of my time in Italy. Now back to our regular scheduled programming.
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Posting about this now feels old and crusty, but it's about time I knock out the rest of my spring break.

The third leg of my trip was to Marrakesh, Morocco! Pictorally, my feelings during the trip could be represented by a range of:


Some fun facts I noted while my housemates and I were there:

- There are two parts to the city -- the new city and the old city (medina), the latter of which we hung around because of the huge open markets.

- Everyone experienced a fair degree of culture shock, though if I were forced to make a comparison, Morocco was definitely "closer" to Asia than to Europe. As in, I could handle the holes-as-bathrooms, shit smells, open markets and snakes slightly better.

- Though speaking of Asian, if I got a euro for every time someone on the street made some sort of Japanese catcall, I could, I dunno. I'd have a lot of euros. Other fun nicknames were "fish and chips", "spice girl", "Victoria Beckham" (I didn't even realize my hair was similar to hers was now, arg) and "Hiroshima". Good stuff.

We frequently escaped to the roof of our hotel, as the bourgeois escape reality. Couldn't really blame us, as the view from the top:

...was just so stunningly beautiful.

The hotel itself was just a charming escape. We had these Mohammed portraits all over the room to protect us:

And I think only a few people would be interested by this, but they labeled the shelves of our dressers with clothing categories! So charming~

Random picture: out on the streets, pots of spices:

Story behind this picture: We had just landed in Marrakesh -- we were walking around the open market and saw these snake charmers playing their flutes. A couple of my housemates decided to take pictures from a distance. The snake charmers noticed us, dragged us over to the snakes, threw the snakes over our necks and grabbed our cameras. Several pictures and snake shenanigans later, they forced us to pay up.

Panicked, I shoved some euros from their hands and ran away. A lady suddenly came up and grabbed my wrist. The next thing I knew, she had drawn this henna on my arm and was demanding money:

I threw a few more euros in her direction and tried to run away again. In the ensuing struggle, I smeared some of it on my clothes.

After the shock wore off, though, I let the henna dry. It still hasn't completely faded from my wrist.

In total, the five-minute chaos probably cost us about 60€. Of course, we were careful to not get suckered again after, but it was a good way to accustom ourselves to the city.

The entirety of our trip was comprised of two chief activities: eating...

Couscous, lamb and potatoes in a tagine.

Sweet tea and nutty pastries.

Seafood and more seafood.

The open-air, cafeteria-style night markets. Everything we owned stunk of fish by the end, but it was so, so good.

...and shopping, of course.

The market was a long, roofed street with vendors selling everything from sketchy food, glass and metal lamps and leather anything.

More on this later. Thus ends the tourist post.
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Just a few pictures. In context of the entire trip, Seville was very relaxed and pleasant, despite excessive rain and my dry, boogery eyes. It was a nice break from shopping in retrospect, that's for sure.

The thing about Spain: Starbucks again?!!? There are no Starbucks in Italy. Probably came as more of a surprise than it ought to have been.

But enough about Americanization, seafood paella=magically delicious. Definitely ate the healthiest and best in Spain.

Nice colors:

Streets are lined with orange groves.

Story of this skull: A woman named Susana had a lover that happened to be enemies with her people. Betrayed people for lover, had regrets, became a nun. She requested that she be decapitated after she died and have her severed head hanging out a window. They eventually replaced her head with this little skull picture. Warm and fuzzy story, amirite?

Relatedly, being more of a town, Seville was just crawling with religious imagery. One night we were roaming the streets, and in one window suddenly appeared a creepy back-lit, life-sized crying Jesus. Did not have camera with me, but I'd never been so genuinely startled by a statue.

Tangentially, check out this necessary alligator hanging on the ceiling of a cathedral:

And check out this dog that's hanging out of a tiny, tiny balcony!

Boring final picture: a kind of cool-looking water bottle.

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News from the Hunt

Mostly a referential post, but if anyone's in Milan looking for vintage shopping... here are some pictures! Not pretending to be all-knowledgable, just explored to the extent that the Internet and word of mouth allowed me.

There were a fair amount of vintage shops like these: extravagant fantasy spaces. Extraordinarily edited, high-end vintage selections. Obviously with matching prices. This shop is called Cavalli e Nastri, along via Brera. This street also has the amazing gelato-filled donut at Amorino, a Shu Uemura store, and is just chock full of little cafés and boutiques.

That's not to say there weren't secondhand shops of other natures. On the more affordable circuit:

Humana Vintage, on via Cappellari. The only charity shop in Milan, as what I've heard. My impression was that it was a mostly hit-or-miss. A good cause, though, so.

The woman on the sales floor was kind enough to inform me about Napoleone, a shop close by (via Arcimboldi) with similar price points:

She also informed me of Lo Specchio di Alice, along Corso Di Porta Ticinese. Didn't find it, but the entire street is comprised of vintage, vintage recon and boutique store after another.

Backstage Vintage stood out especially because they sold the punk/glam/costume look, which I didn't find too common elsewhere.

Lots of leather, band jackets and cheesy plastic sunglasses.

Moving along: At the Porta Genova metro stop, there's Elizabeth the First.

Another amazing and pricy vintage selection, but more, say, down to earth than Cavalli e Nastri. They had a more diverse selection, as in, coats for cold weather, pants, tops, hats, etc, not just fantasy dresses.

Though speaking of fantasy:

Vintage Delirium by Jacassi Franco really felt like stepping through a portal. The shop was hidden in a courtyard, and you had to notice the sign on the floor and ring the doorbell.

True to the name, I felt... delirious. The space is hard to describe without pictures, but by the time I left I felt uplifted and saddened simultaneously, somehow.

Haha, I like how I'm describing shops like some spiritual thing, but when you're wandering solo from one place to another, your emotions get weird, alright!?!?

Anyways, I had spent two days window shopping fruitlessly and pretty much gave up on buying anything. But as I was searching for a cheap haircut place along via Zambonate, I happened to pass by Mercantino Michela.

Funnily enough, I had been searching for vintage the whole time and didn't even consider consignment. This was a consignment shop similar to those in the US is concept: some old clothes, some gems, all mixed together with wildly inconsistent prices.

Not that 130€ for Prada heels is outrageously unreasonable, but I did notice that Italian designer labels were much more expensive than non-Italian labels. Perhaps the reason for that though was that shop owners simply weren't knowledgeable about non-Italian labels. Case in point:

I bought this Junya Watanabe for Comme des Garçons top for 30€.

And this Vivienne Westwood clutch for 35€. It took me a while to pick my jaw up from the floor after getting these two.

Thus concludes my three day nonstop clothing consumerism in Milan. And my shopping addiction was indeed whet... until Morocco. Coming up in another post!
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Vestiti d'Oggi -- Milano

Stuff I wore in Milan post, aka, different ways to look like a clown.

At least I certainly felt that way amongst the sea of black at 10 Corso Como. I'm not sure if I got stared at a lot for that, or for not looking "rich" enough, or both.

Moe Japanese girl expression, I admit.

Zara leather jacket, Camdenlock sweater, H&M sequin shorts, Retrock leggings, secondhand scarf, Marc Jacobs bag, H&M shoes

Next day:

I was surprised I got stared at so much in Milan, even much more so than in Florence. Maybe because there are higher expectations in the way one dresses, so sidestepping the expectations is surprising. Anyways, I got this black and pink shoulder-padded jacket at a vintage store in Florence. Definitely the most unique and affordable piece of clothing I've found so far.

Wearing the socks I got from Gallo, too. Tights I got a while ago at the Emilio Cavallini store in Florence. They've served me well at night, but this is the first time I've worn them during the day. I know what you're thinking! Don't judge!11

And, sigh, the shoes ruin everything. Packing light: both a blessing and a curse.

Secondhand jacket, Gap batwing hoodie, H&M leopard print dress, Emilio Cavallini holey tights, Gallo socks, Chucks

Last day in Milan, and looking a bit worse for wear:

Turns out I had been using the wrong type of solution for my contact lenses, so I was having some serious eye irritation issues.

Also, I got a haircut and decided to wear all black. Tied my leather jacket cross-shoulder across my torso.

....In conclusion, I think I look like that itty bitty fashion boy.

And that's the way, uh huh uh huh, I like it.

Zara leather jacket, Nine West black drapey cardigan, H&M striped shirt, secondhand shorts, We Love Colors tights, Chucks

All in all, I thought the frog bag was gonna get on my nerves, but I think it gave me luck. I had a pleasant and safe journey!